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Listings for Jewelry and Accessories (22)

This category is appropriate for all kind of jewelry, including gems, glasses, watches and related items. Please check the subcategories to select the items available in this category.

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Dollar US$ 59.00

Stag Leather Headpiece Green Man Cernunnos Goddess Elen Yule LARP Leather C...

Stag Leather Headpiece Green Man Cernunnos Yule LARP Leather Crown.This leather headpiece is a site to behold with elaborate bronze or silver plated stag measuring […]

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Dollar US$ 49.00

Pentacle Crescent Ritual and Handfasting Circlet Set Wiccan Priestess Godde...

Large filigree sterling silver plated antique’d crescent measures a full 1.5 inches wide… with crystals and side pentacles and swirls of silver plated chain. Earrings […]

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African Amethyst Plain Beads

Dollar US$ 694.95

African Amethyst Plain Beads

African Amethyst Plain Beads Call to Mr. Rajesh Shara: +91-9001000237 Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. Gem Mart (India) Pvt. Ltd. is in the stream of rendering its […]

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renaissance wedding distant FRONT elaborate


Renaissance Wedding Headdress Bridal Circlet Handfasting Ceremony


Renaissance Wedding Headdress Bridal Circlet Handfasting Ceremony Beautiful wedding headdress with clear AB rhinestones and crystals adorn your forehead with swirls of silver plated chain, […]

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Ceremonial Pagan Leather Headbands 2

Dollar US$ 375.00

Pagan Leather Headbands Coven Wiccan Runes Elder Futhark Norse Ceremonial

Ceremonial Pagan Leather Headbands Coven Wiccan Elder Futhark Runes Stunning one and a quarter inch wide leather headbands for pagan and wiccan ceremonial use or […]

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Gold Wedding Ring


Gold Wedding Ring


Gold Wedding Ring by ANT JEWELLERY from Vietnam Gold 14k: 11.925 g 02 Diamonds: 2.5 mm Product Code: NC-114 in stock Call: 84-8-38411190 / mobile […]

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Silver Necklace

Dollar US$ 138.00

Silver Necklace

Silver Necklace by ANT JEWELLERY from Vietnam Product Code: QDS144 in stock Call: phone 84-8-38411190 / mobile phone: 84902747802 Fax: 84-8-38411190

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Copper Christmas Ornaments


Unique Handmade Christmas Tree Ornaments


Unique Handmade Christmas Tree Ornaments Handmade unique Christmas tree ornaments and photo frame Christmas ornaments handcrafted by skilled artisans are silver plated and diamond cut […]

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bald-eagle-with feathers-earrings-Y-40


Colorful earrings handmade


Colorful Earrings, Handcrafted Colorful Jewelry Colorful earrings handmade in animal, wildlife, floral, horse, hummingbird, butterfly, dragonfly, cat, feathers, zoo animals and Native designs by the […]

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Handmade rings


Handmade Rings Native American Jewelry


Handmade Rings Handmade rings are handcrafted by the skilled artisans of Copper Reflections. We are specialized in handcrafted unique rings handmade in high quality and […]

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