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The Tuapoma International Classifieds, or simply "Tuapoma" is an online classifieds system, an international trading community, especially made for buyers and sellers deal directly. Advertise vehicles, electronics, jewelry, art, decoration, kitchenware, collectibles, antiques, services, and more! Please see our categories. Join us!
The name "tuapoma" was inspired by Roman culture: "Carpent tua poma nepotes" phrase by Virgil roughly 40 before Christ. It is a Latin expression meaning "your descendants will reap your fruit", and suggests a "plan for the future". The Roman poet Virgil is telling us that hard work and careful management of our resources will extend to generations through the ages.
The tuapoma system is a supplier, exclusively, of classified ad pages; the pages are rented for a fixed period under prior payment with fixed price. Here the advertiser is an independent seller; the TuaPoma system does not provide a escrow service for virtual currencies or any fiat money, and does not charge sales commissions, therefore does not control and is not associated with advertisers.
On tuapoma system the logged user can send questions and comments to the advertiser, in this case, the advertiser receives the number of IP (Internet Protocol) and the email of the user who sends the message. However, the same system has no electronic tools to register or confirm a purchase. Therefore, the advertiser has full responsibility to archive the informations of all earned customer on TuaPoma system.
Create a profile with a true email address is extremely important for all users and advertisers; please send us your usual email, your personal or professional email address, which has private access. Otherwise, the advertiser can not receive the number of IP (Internet Protocol) and the email of the user who sends an offer or comment.
When you register an email address on tuapoma in English (nominated “tuapoma.com/inenglish”), you also register a nickname and a password, you are responsible for keeping your password secret, you can change your password at any time.
When you access the tuapoma in English you agree to the following guidelines:
1 - Do Not introduce items in an inappropriate category;
2 - Do Not post obscene words on comments or ads;
3 - Do not post duplicate ads;
4 - Do Not violate third party rights;
5 - Do Not advertise stolen items;
6 - Do not advertise counterfeit items;
7 - Do not advertise lists of e-mails;
8 - Do Not advertise government documents;
9 - Do Not advertise pornographic items;
10 - Do Not advertise drugs or any narcotic;
11 - Do not advertise controlled medicines, regulated by legislation to require medical prescription;
12 - Do Not advertise tobacco and alcoholic beverages, except wines and sparkling wines;
13 - Do not advertise memorabilia and literature for Nazi propaganda;
14 - Do not advertise illegal lottery services; however our system allows ads for expired lottery tickets as collectible item;
15 - Do not advertise tickets to events; however our system allows ads for expired tickets of expired events, always original  tickets, on collectible category; 
16 - Do Not advertise human body parts as taxidermy items, however our system allows ads for replicas on the collectibles category at "Replicas of human body parts", which are reproductions suitable for display or study; 
17 - Do not advertise firearms and ammunitions for firearms; however our system allows ads for tools and accessories for the hunting and shooting sport, as well as archery weapons, and airsoft weapons, spring powered, caliber up to 6 mm, original from the factory, with a permanent orange or red marking at the tip of the barrel of all airsoft guns;
18 - If you post weapons ads, you agree that you are the legal owner or authorized reseller of weapons and ammunitions. And hires legal companies to provide appropriate transport service for weapons and ammunitions;
19 - Write a coherent description about the product or service you're advertising, including risks to health and safety of consumers expressed by the product manufacturer;
20 - You are solely responsible for the content of any classified ad posted for you on Tuapoma website. You can not blame the owner of this website for any losses or damages to yourself or to others that may result directly or indirectly from any ads posted for you. Our content policies are in accordance with the content policies of Google Adsense program.
External Links Disclaimer:
The tuapoma classified ad pages may contain links to external websites outside the tuapoma.com domain. However the TuaPoma manager is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of external websites.
The links on our menu pages and the banners on the footer of this website are included to point the reader to other possibly relevant resources. However an external link to a document or site other than those included within the tuapoma.com domain does not necessarily imply that TuaPoma manager endorses the organizations or persons providing them, agrees with the ideas expressed, or attests to the correctness, appropriateness, or legality of the contents.
The tuapoma manager reserves the right to modify or delete, without prior notice, any user or comment in violation of the guidelines presented here.
Make sure your ads follow the guidelines listed here. Otherwise, your ads can be removed and your account may be deleted, because you acknowledge have read and agreed all the conditions on this document. 

Grateful for your understanding.

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